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Executive Director's Survey Committee

AAVMC receives many requests to survey our member institutions, faculty, staff and students. We developed this policy to assist our member institutions as they decide whether or not to participate in these surveys.

AAVMC Policy and Procedures on Survey Requests From Other Organizations

  • The Executive Director will decide to approve or not approve requests for surveys. In making this decision, the Executive Director will consider the quality of the survey instrument, the expected time to complete the survey, and the number of people expected to participate, among other factors. The Executive Director may also seek the advice of the Executive Director’s Survey Committee or other AAVMC committees.

  • AAVMC will notify member institutions when a survey request is approved or not approved. However, the decision to participate in a survey is entirely at the discretion of each member institution.

  • AAVMC will not conduct surveys for other organizations. Responsibility for conducting an approved survey rests with the requesting organization. Survey instruments must not be altered following approval.

  • Requests for survey approval should be directed to Ms. Lisa Greenhill ( The survey instrument must accompany the request for approval.

Approved by the Board of Directors
July 25, 2004

Technical change to contact made
September 10, 2010
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