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The Future of Veterinary Medicine

Universidad VERITAS

Escuela de Medicina y Cirugía Veterinaria
San Francisco de Asís
San Rafael de Coronado
Tel: (506) 2292-7639
Tel: (506) 2292-6811
Tel: (506) 2294-3292


1. Admission Process

Return ANNEX 2 completely filled out with the fol­lowing documentation:

a. Handwritten Application. Write why would you like to study veterinary medicine (a few sentences).

b. Original and photocopy of your high school diploma.

c. Two recent color pho­tos, passport size.

d. For Costa Rican adults: a photocopy of your “Cédula.” For mi­nors: a photocopy of both sides the “Cédula de Menores.”

e. Grades from your se­nior year in high school.

f. For foreigners: a pho­tocopy of your current passport and a notarized copy of your high school diploma by the Embassy of Costa Rica in your home country, attaching the Apostille Convention certificate to be prop­erly validated by the Departamento de Control de Calidad (Quality Control Dept.) by the Min­isterio de Educación in Costa Rica.

g. All documents must be translated in Spanish by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2. Registration Process

a. December, April, and August, to submit the completed form.

b. Registration will be held on the third week of the months mentioned above.

c. Enrollment schedule 8:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM, to 4:00 PM.

d. Classes begin first day of January, May, and Sep­tember of each year.

In the first level, Training Seminar I (uvmv015) is man­datory; therefore, the student must enroll in this subject.

Note: For the second period of 2014, the quota for new students is 50.

The admitted students will be contacted.

3. Payment

a. For cash registration and tuition payment, on enrollment day you must bring the deposit receipt issued by a bank. Foreigners pay in US dollars.

b. There is a possibility to be funded by CONAPE. Students must bring canceled registration and poof of CONAPE’s loan approval.

c. Line of credit (just for citizen): those interested should ask at Reception for a credit form and re­turn it on enrollment day. You must cancel regis­tration and the third part of tuition, and bring your canceled receipt.

d. Card payment.


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