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University of Saskatchewan

Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Admissions Office
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
52 Campus Drive
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 5B4
Telephone: (306) 966-7459



The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is located in the city of Saskatoon, which has a population of about 265,000 and is the major urban center in central Saskatchewan. The city is also the major commercial center for central and northern Saskatchewan and is served by 2 national airlines with direct connections to all major centers in Canada.

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the few veterinary colleges where all health sciences and agriculture are offered on the same campus. The college is devoted to undergraduate ed­ucation and has a reputation in Canada and in the north­western United States for edu­cating veterinarians who are well-rounded in general veter­inary medicine and have good practical backgrounds. It has one of the best field-service caseloads in North America.


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