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University of Saskatchewan
Western College of Veterinary Medicine

Admissions Office
Western College of Veterinary Medicine
52 Campus Drive
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 5B4
Telephone: (306) 966-7459

The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is located in the city of Saskatoon, which has a population of about 265,000 and is the major urban center in central Saskatchewan. The city is also the major commercial center for central and northern Saskatchewan and is served by 2 national airlines with direct connections to all major centers in Canada.
The Western College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the few veterinary colleges where all health sciences and agriculture are offered on the same campus. The college is devoted to undergraduate education and has a reputation in Canada and in the northwestern United States for educating veterinarians who are well-rounded in general veterinary medicine and have good practical backgrounds. It has one of the best field-service caseloads in North America.
Application Information
For specific application information (availability, deadlines, fees, and VMCAS participation), please refer to the contact information listed above.
Residency implications: Currently, 78 students are selected for quota positions from Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories. Special consideration is given to self identified individuals of aboriginal origin. Residents of foreign countries are not considered.
Prerequisites for Admission
Course requirements and semester hours
English   6
Physics   3
Biology   6
Genetics   3
Introductory chemistry   6
Organic chemistry   3
Mathematics or statistics   6
Biochemistry   3
Microbiology   3
Electives 21
Required undergraduate GPA: a minimum cumulative average of 75% is required.
Course completion deadline: prerequisite courses must be completed by the time of entry into the program.
Standardized examinations: none required.
Reference Forms: Two required - one from a veterinarian and one from an individual with an agricultural- or animal-related background.
Additional Requirements/Information: Space is provided on the application form to nominate referees to support the application. Referees will be contacted directly and asked to complete the reference form online.
Additional requirements and considerations
Animal/veterinary work experience, motivation, and knowledge
Communication skills
Summary of Admission Procedure
Application deadline: December 1
Reference deadline: February 15
Date interviews are held: May–June
Date acceptances mailed: on or before July 1
School begins: late August
Deposit (to hold place in class): none required.
Deferments: not considered.
Evaluation criteria
The 3-part admission procedure consists of an assessment of academic ability, a personal interview, and an overall assessment of the application file.
% weight
Grades 60%
Interview* 40%
* Interview selection is based entirely on academic performance.
2012–2013 admissions summary

Number of Applicants Number of New Entrants
Resident   56 20
Contract† 282 57
Nonresident     2   2
Total 340 79
Expenses for the 2012–2013 Academic Year
Tuition and fees
Resident $8,254.06 $C
  Contract student† $8,254.06 $C
  Other nonresident-Canadian $8,254.06 $C
† For further information, see the listing of contracting states and provinces.
Page Updated: March/20/2013
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