The average debt for all 2016 veterinary college graduates was $143,757.82.  The average for just those who have debt is $167,534.89. Over 20% have at least $200,000 in debt, and the debt to income ratio is more than 2:1. But we’re doing something about it!

reducing debt
  • Financial Literacy
  • Advocacy to Government
  • Minimize Cost of Borrowing
  • 5-6 Year curriculum
reducing debt
  • Career Awareness
  • Professional Competencies
  • Focus on Preventative Medicine
  • Workplace on-boarding
  • Practice ownership and entrepreneurship
volunteer area volunteer area

vet We’re tackling the issue from a variety of angles, each of which is being addressed by strategic working groups comprised of representatives from across the profession, including veterinary students, colleges of veterinary medicine, state and allied associations, practice owners and other experts. Our collective goal is to reduce the debt-to-income ratio, which now stands at about 2:1, to 1.4:1. It’s not going to be easy getting there, but our strategy is designed to help gradually reduce the ratio to a more manageable level that will lead to a better place for young professionals, both professionally and personally.

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