Be sure to check with your designated shool's evaluation requirements. SOME SCHOOLS DO NOT ACCEPT COMMITTEE or COMPOSITE LETTERS. Click HERE to view the College Evaluation Chart.
If choosing "Other" evaluation, the following fields are required to be completed: Evaluator's Title, Evaluator's First Name, Evaluator's Last Name, Evaluator's Occupation, Evaluator's Institution, Practice or Place of Business, Evaluator's Street Address, Evaluator's City, Evaluator's State, Evaluator's Zip and Evaluator's Daytime Telephone. If your evaluator is not completing an electronic evaluation, please do not enter the Evaluator's email address. Electronic evaluations which have been submitted are received by VMCAS immediately and are available for the schools, while Other evaluations take longer to process, must be mailed from the VMCAS office, and therefore may delay your application materials. Choose "Other" if your evaluation falls under the following categories.
NOTE: Some Veterinary Schools Do Not Accept Committee or Composite Letters. Be sure to check with your designated schools prior to submitted a committee letter or composite letter.


Composite Letters: At this time, the eLOR system does not support electronic composite letters. You must still submit composite letters in paper form with the necessary attachments. Please click on the following link: COMMITTEE / COMPOSITE EVALUATION FORM to download the paper evaluation form. There must be equal numbers of evaluation forms for the number of letters being submitted (i.e., if you wish to have the composite letter count for three evaluations, it must have three evaluation forms submitted). To register a composite letter in the eLOR system, you should register one "other" for each evaluation that the composite letter is supposed to represent.

Committee Letters must be submitted in paper form with all necessary attachments. Please click on the following link: COMMITTEE / COMPOSITE EVALUATION FORM to download the paper evaluation form which must be submitted along with the multiple page committee letter. In the eLOR system, register your committee chairperson (or designated alternate) as "other".

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