50th Anniversary Video

A compelling six-and-a-half minute profile of the AAVMC and modern academic veterinary medicine.

View the Anniversary Video
Video Screenshot

What we’re doing from AAVMC headquarters in Washington, D.C. ...

  • Featuring it at AAVMC meetings and related events
  • Making copies available to all member institutions
  • Presenting it before meetings of allied organizations like the AVMA, SAVMA, the ACVIM, the ACVS, and many others throughout the year

What you can do in your region…

  • Deans can feature it during college “Town Hall” meetings
  • Deans can seek opportunities to present the video at state veterinary medical association and agricultural commodity and companion animal association meetings in your service area
  • Deans can use it before university and community groups
  • Use it during development functions with tie-in to the school

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