50th Anniversary Resolution Template

A resolution template describing the impact of academic veterinary medicine, the AAVMC’s anniversary, and the contributions our members make in their own states and regions adaptable for a variety of programs.

Download the template.

What we’re doing from AAVMC headquarters in Washington, D.C. …

  • Resolutions of commendation and support for the AAVMC’s 50th anniversary and academic veterinary medicine will be sought from Congress and key executive branch agencies like the United States Departments of Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and Education will be sought.
  • Resolutions of recognition and support will be sought from allied organizations and businesses and corporations working within the profession of veterinary medicine.

What you can do in your region…

  • Use this template to craft a proposed resolution that localizes the celebration to your institution and seek formal resolutions of recognition and support from your state legislature and/or executive branch, state veterinary medical association and appropriate agricultural commodity or companion animal organization.

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