50th Anniversary PSA

A fast-paced 30-second broadcast PSA customizable for local institutions designed for placement in major commercial television markets. Schools are asked to insert their school name, logo and website and logo on white or black during final three seconds. Schools may wish to include their founding date to avoid confusion about 50th anniversary date. We need local college officials to market this PSA to major commercial television stations in your state.

View the PSA Video

What we’re doing from AAVMC headquarters in Washington, D.C. …

  • Making this :30 spot available to all member institutions
  • Presenting the spot to allied organizations and other stakeholder groups as feature example

What you can do in your region…

  • We need you to market this to major commercial stations in your state as a PSA promoting academic veterinary medicine and your school
  • Your university has the television production resources to localize this spot for you

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