National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)

College of Veterinary Medicine

Office of Undergraduate Studies (División de Estudios Profesionales)
College of Veterinary Medicine (FMVZ)
Av. Universidad 3000
Circuito Interior
Delegación Coyoacán
México D.F. 04510
Telephone: 56 22 58 80

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Students coming from high schools other than UNAM`s own high school system compete for available places through a standardized test administered by UNAM. The test evaluates general abilities and knowledge in all areas, with emphasis on chemistry, biology, mathematics and Spanish. Students taking the test are assigned to the Veterinary School according to the grade obtained (highest first), until the quota reserved for non-UNAM students is filled.

There are two annual applications dates: January and April. Information for specific applications dates can be reviewed at (the semester starts in August).

Application forms can be found at the same website. In 2017, a total of 3,281 students applied for 85 places; the score of the accepted students in the standardized test was at least 108 out of 128 points. 


There is no distinction between resident or non-resident students since UNAM is a Federal (National) University. Foreign students can also take the test and compete for the same pool of places, with the only extra requirement to pass a Spanish-language test if their native language is not Spanish.


 In order to be considered for admission, the students should have studied the secondary school and the high school at institutions with programs that are at least 75 % equivalent to those of UNAM´s own high school system, as evaluated by a revalidation committee. Thus, before being considered for admission, a student that completed high school in a foreign country should go through the revalidation proccess described in 
The committee will decide if, before being considered for admission, a prospective student has to pass examinations related to the courses lacking during his/her secondary and high school studies. Subjects reviewed include: Mathematics (Algebra, probability, statistics, trigonometry, geometry, differential and integral calculus); Biological sciences (General biology, ecology, cell biology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition and metabolism, evolution, health education); Chemistry ( inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry). Physics (General physics, thermodynamics, mechanics, electromagnetism, optics, acoustics, hydraulics), Geography, History, Literature.

Minimum of semesters needed in:

Courses Semesters
Mathematics 4
Physics 4
Inorganic and organic chemistry 4
Principles of biology and general biology 4
Social sciences / humanities 6
Electives (selected topics on biology, statistics, morphophysiology or physicochemistry) 2

For students from foreign high schools, beside the admission test, they have to submit all necessary official documents to “Dirección General de Incorporación y Revalidación de Estudios (DGIRE) UNAM”. Submission instructions can be found at

Foreign students whose primary language is not Spanish will have to do a proficiency Spanish language test.

Required undergraduate GPA: It is not necessary

AP credit policy: Is not part of the admission requirements

Course completion deadline: It is based on the application dates, in January and June.

Standardized Examinations: As describe before, admissions are based on a standardized test administered by UNAM.

Additional requirements and considerations: Foreign students must have a good command of the Spanish language



Application dates can be checked at

Deposit: It is not necessary

Deferments: Considered on an individual basis, and ordinarily granted for personal reasons, illness, lack of economic resources or other situations beyond the control of the students.

Evaluation criteria: Competition for available places through a standardized test administered by UNAM.


Number of Applicants: 3,281

Number of New Entrants: 85 (2.6% admission rate)


(subject to change)

Tuition and fees: $500 USD per year