AAVMC Logo Use Policy

The AAVMC logo is trademark protected. The unauthorized use of any AAVMC logo is prohibited by U.S. trademark law. All logos of the AAVMC and its divisions are the property of AAVMC and the use of its logos and marks are governed by this policy.

The AAVMC recognizes that its logo can be used to symbolize official partnerships and initiatives with organizations in the public and private sectors and has developed the following guidelines:

  • AAVMC logos may be used by member institutions, organizational partners, and corporate sponsors only with written permission.
  • AAVMC will not endorse any products, devices or services. AAVMC logos may only be used in such a way that does not indicate or imply endorsement.
  • AAVMC logos and marks may not be altered, modified, or obscured in any way.
  • AAVMC logos may not be recreated. Only logo files obtained from the AAVMC may be used.
  • At such time a sponsorship or partnership is terminated, or expires and is not renewed, the organization must remove the AAVMC logos from its website and all other materials. Continued used of the AAVMC logos and marks will be considered an infringement on the AAVMC trademark.

AAVMC member institutions, organizational partners, and corporate sponsors may request permission to use the AAVMC logo by submitting a Permission Request to Use AAVMC Logos form to the executive director at info@aavmc.org.

NOTE:  In most instances, using a logo that includes our association's name is preferred.

This small version of the AAVMC's logo is preferred when a smaller, web version of the logo is required.


This version, which spells out the name of the AAVMC, is appropriate for instances when black and white is preferred, especially when the audience is not familiar with the AAVMC's acronym.

This image is appropriate for use in high-quality publications, such as magazines, or when a very high resolution image is needed.

This is a good, general purpose logo, appropriate for many instances, including the Web and smaller print applications.