1433 Formula Funds for Animal Health & Disease Research (7 USC 3195)


Section 1433 Formula Funds have been in existence since 1977 and provide an extremely valuable source of funds for fundamental research on diseases of food producing animals. These funds are the most important funds for most of the Veterinary Science Departments in the U.S. In addition, some of the states with veterinary medical colleges have in the past provided some monies for faculty wishing to conduct food animal related research on local and emerging diseases; however these funds have been essentially eliminated in many of the states. There are no other funds available at this time to provide this much needed support.
1433 funds are used for the general maintenance of research infrastructure, which allows more rapid response in the event of disease outbreaks. In addition to the infrastructure these funds support, a significant population of faculty, staff, and students rely on grants from intramural distribution of formula funding. Extramural competitive grants exclude projects that are vital but less popular, less profitable, or associated with lesser known researchers. Overall, the reduction in 1433 funds simply undermines the ability of land grant institutions to competitively recruit science teachers and students.
In FY10, 1433 was funded by Congress at $2.95 million equaling the same amount President Obama requested in his FY11 budget. Unfortunately President Obama zeroed out 1433 Formula Funds in the FY 2012 Budget.
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