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Your journey begins here, with your VMCAS application. It's our goal to ensure that you are given all the tools you need to prepare you for your veterinary medical education career! It takes a lot of preparation and research to decide where you are going to apply, and your VMCAS staff is here to help you all the way through your application process.

If you were an applicant during the VMCAS 2013 cycle, please review the April 15th deadline policy.

Make sure to bookmark this page because it will be your hub of information throughout the VMCAS Application Cycle! Return often for updates!

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Applicant checklist

  • The VMCAS 2014 application cycle opens early June, 2013.
  • Applicants must read all instructions for each section.
  • Record your username and password in a secure and easy-to-remember location.
  • Review your application carefully to make sure that the data is accurate.
  • Print your completed application for your records BEFORE delivering it to VMCAS. Do not send printed applications to VMCAS.
  • You must deliver your application to VMCAS before 1:00 PM Eastern Time on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013. (VMCAS strongly recommends submitting your application as early as September 1st, 2013 to allow time for your applicaiton to clear transcript verification!!)


  • Be sure to register a minimum of three evaluators in the eLOR section.
  • Be sure to verify that your evaluators have received the e-mail request and have submitted your evaluation(s) by 1:00 PM Eastern Time, Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013. (VMCAS requires one (1) evaluation to be submitted prior to releasing your application for transcript verification. See: Transcript Verification Page for more information)
  • VMCAS no longer accepts individual letters of recommendation in paper form. They MUST be electronic submitted through the VMCAS Evaluation Portal. The only exceptions are multi-page committee letters and composite letters (however some schools will not accept committee/composite letters) so be sure to check with the school(s) you are applying to.
  • Check the eLOR section to verify that your evaluations have been received by VMCAS.

Other Application Materials

  • Send transcripts to VMCAS (address coming soon) by September 1st, 2013 in order to allow time for verification.
  • Send Fall transcripts to VMCAS (address coming soon) by February 1, 2014.
  • Send test scores directly to your designated college(s) prior to deadline.
  • Visit the web site for each designated college to obtain college-specific instructions.
  • Complete any supplemental applications of required.

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