NAVMEC Receives Feedback, Listens to Stakeholders

The North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium (NAVMEC) and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) would like to thank everyone who participated in providing feedback for NAVMEC's "Roadmap for Veterinary Medical Education in the 21st Century: Responsive, Collaborative, & Flexible."

During November, 2010, through April, 2011, the NAVMEC Board of Directors and the AAVMC solicited feedback from a broad spectrum of stakeholders of academic veterinary medicine on the October 31, 2010, draft NAVMEC report and recommendations.  NAVMEC heard your feedback and incoporated many suggestions for improvement into the recommendations so that veterinary medical college curricula, accreditation standards, and testing/licensure roles are consistent with professional and societal needs.   Your feedback was critical to producing a useful and vital document that will strategically guide the direction of academic veterinary medicine and help to create a workforce of next-generation veterinarians. 

Feedback on the draft report was broadly positive (see graphic below) with 80 percent of respondents either supporting or strongly supporting the recommendations overall. Some recommendations that received the strongest support were those supporting competency-driven curricula (90 percent) and a recommendation that schools provide financial counseling to students (87 percent). There was a high rate of support among both academics and non-academics. Overall, 75 percent of academics were supportive or strongly supportive of the recommendations compared to 82 percent of non-academics (mostly employers).
The NAVMEC Board made changes to the October 31, 2010, draft report based on critical review of input at its June 1-2, 2011, board meeting. 

View the original draft report.

See the final report.

See the full quantitative feedback report.

Feedback on NAVMEC Draft Report Recommendations

(November 1, 2010 - May 1, 2011)

Respondents = 353

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