Employee Climate Survey

The "Climate" Survey, Phase Two: Faculty and Staff

In early June, the second phase of the AAVMC’s College Climate initiative launched with the release of the CVM/SVM Employee Climate Survey. The timing of this survey closely followed the AAVMC-AVMA Student Climate Survey that launched in April 2011. The survey asked some of the same questions as the student survey to allow for a direct comparison of responses between students and employees; however, the questions were crafted with faculty and staff in mind.

The survey remained open through June 2011. The AAVMC strongly encouraged institutional participation as the information received will be vital to our understanding of the campus climate and contribute to creating successful and supportive working environments for all members of the veterinary academic community.

This research was approved by Western University’s Institutional Review Board and conducted by Suzie Kovacs and Dr. Phil Nelson of the Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine.

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Suzie Kovacs by email: skovacs@westernu.edu.

CVM/SVM Employee Climate Survey Administrator and Faculty Response Rates as of 3pm PST, September 20, 2011.
CVM/SVM Employee Climate Survey Staff Response Rates as of 3pm PST, September 20, 2011.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the first national CVM/SVM Employee Climate Survey. We are looking forward to analyzing the data and sharing the results. We feel that the results from this survey will inform our institutions about their environments and highlight areas where efforts can be improved to promote inclusivity as well as areas that reflect successful accordance with the profession’s diversity initiative.

Suzie Kovacs and Phil Nelson

Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Veterinary Medicine

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