50th Anniversary Video

A compelling six-and-a-half minute profile of the AAVMC and modern academic veterinary medicine.

View the Anniversary Video
Video Screenshot

What we’re doing from AAVMC headquarters in Washington, D.C. ...

  • Featuring it at AAVMC meetings and related events
  • Making copies available to all member institutions
  • Presenting it before meetings of allied organizations like the AVMA, SAVMA, the ACVIM, the ACVS, and many others throughout the year

What you can do in your region…

  • Deans can feature it during college “Town Hall” meetings
  • Deans can seek opportunities to present the video at state veterinary medical association and agricultural commodity and companion animal association meetings in your service area
  • Deans can use it before university and community groups
  • Use it during development functions with tie-in to the school

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A Celebration of Academic Veterinary Medicine

A 50th Anniversary Planning Committee has created a year-long celebration -- from March 2015 – March 2016 -- designed to build public awareness about our colleges and schools and the profession. The story of the AAVMC will be broadly shared throughout the anniversary year, which culminates in early 2016 with the announcement of the Grand Initiative. Learn More

Grassroots Engagement

Member institutions are invited to fully participate in this national celebration of academic veterinary medicine. A number of downloadable communication products and recognition programs have been developed to help our member institutions build awareness at the grassroots level. Learn more