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The Future of Veterinary Medicine

AAVMC by the Numbers

Membership and Governance

Membership by Type

U.S. Schools: 30

Canadian Schools: 5

International: 14

Affiliate Members

Colleges of Veterinary Medicine: 6

Departments of Veterinary Science: 8

Department of Comparative Medicine: 7

Other: 1

Total Members: 71

Veterinary Medical College Application Service

VMCAS 2015 Summary

Schools Using VMCAS: 36

Total DVM Programs: 39

Number of Applicants: 6,681

Number of Applications: 29,348

Average # of Schools Applied to: 4.4

Annual Revenue: $2,429,044

VMCAS 2016 Important Dates

VMCAS Launch: May 13, 2015

VMCAS Deadline: September 15, 2015



Regular Annual Meetings: 3

  • Deans Conference (January)
  • Annual Conference (March)
  • Summer Meeting (July - August)
Typical Attendance at Largest: 250

Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

Frequency of Publication: Quarterly

Circulation: 2,400 Print Copies


Print and online access is free to AAVMC member institutions.


Founded in Illinois: 1966

VMCAS Launched: 1995

Incorporated in D.C.: 1997

AAVMC Programs and Services

  • Journal of Veterinary Medical Education
  • Veterinary Medical College Application Service
  • Student Debt Initiative (Follow-up on Donna Harris Report)
  • Leadership Academy
  • Conferences
    • Annual Conference
    • Summer Meeting
    • Deans Conference
    • Veterinary Educator Collaborative Support
    • Partners for Healthy Pets Support and Programming
  • Awards
    • Distinguished Veterinary Teaching Award
    • Excellence in Research Award
    • Senator John Melcher, DVM Leadership in Public Policy Award
    • Iverson Bell Award
  • Advocacy
    • Advocacy Summit and Congressional Reception
    • Student Advocacy Externship
    • Meetings with Congressional and Executive Branch Leaders
    • Representation with an array of issue coalitions
  • Diversity
    • Patricia Lowrie Diversity Leadership Scholarship
    • Institutional Research (e.g. Climate Survey)
  • Communications
    • Press Releases
    • Electronic Newsletter
    • Annual Report
    • Website
  • Data
    • Comparative Data Report
    • Advocacy Survey
    • VMCAS Applicant Data
    • Fulfillment of Data Requests
  • Recruitment (Program in Development)
  • VMSAR (Admissions Publication)
  • Wetterberg Scholarship Administration (Activity Ending 2013)

Regular AAVMC Meetings

Annual Conference

Total Attendees: 200 - 250

Institutions Represented: U.S., Canadian, and international schools and departments. Deans, associate deans, and other faculty attend, as well as individuals from other stakeholder groups outside of schools (e.g. corporations, AVMA, etc.).

Program: Held in Alexandria, VA. Three days of programming on topics in education, diversity, leadership, administration, and other issues facing veterinary medical education. Also includes award presentations, a large evening reception (all stakeholders in DC area invited), and a veterinary medical career fair for children and teens up to high school age.

Annual Meeting

Total Attendees: 35 - 60

Institutions Represented: U.S., Canadian, and international schools and departments. Usually attended by deans (or other main institutional representative) only.

Program: Held at the AVMA Convention. Consists mainly of business meetings of the Board of Directors and Assembly. Sometimes includes joint meetings with other groups and associations.

Deans Conference

Total Attendees: 30 - 45

Institutions Represented: U.S., Canadian, and international schools (accredited only). Limited to deans only.

Program: Consists of a half-day of presentations, followed by two more half-days of free flowing topical discussions on issues of importance to colleges in veterinary medicine. Also includes a welcome reception, and has included another reception and plated dinner for the Deans. Many deans also bring their spouses to this event.

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