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Annual AAVMC Awards Program

AAVMC grants the following awards to inspire and recognize professional excellence in academic veterinary medicine.

AAVMC Excellence in Research Award

In 2011, the Board of Directors established the AAVMC Excellence in Research Award to recognize outstanding research and scholarly achievements in the field of veterinary medicine. The award honors those who demonstrate excellence in original research, leadership in the scientific community, and exceptional mentoring of trainees and colleagues in any discipline of veterinary medicine. This award showcases the contributions of AAVMC member institutions to the scientific community, and the Award Committee seeks the most outstanding individuals for this recognition.

Past recipients of the AAVMC Excellence in Research Award

2014 – Dr. Yoshihiro Kawaoka

2013 – Dr. James Fox

2012 – Dr. Edward Hoover, Colorado State University

2011 – Dr. Stephen W. Barthold, University of California, Davis ( inaugural recipient)

AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, Presented by Zoetis

The AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, presented by Zoetis, recognizes excellence in professional veterinary medical education. It is the most prestigious teaching award in veterinary medicine and is presented to an educator whose sustained record of teaching excellence and ability, dedication, character and leadership has contributed significantly to the advancement of the profession. Each individual college selects a recipient in the spring. Colleges may then nominate their recipient for the national award, which is chosen by the AAVMC.

Past recipients of the AAVMC Distinguished Veterinary Teacher Award, Presented by Zoetis (partial list of recent recipients)

2013 – Dr. Matthew Mellema

2012 Dr. Mary Anna Thrall

2011 – Dr. Anton Hoffman

2010 – Dr. Richard L. Meadows

2009 – Dr. Larry G. Adams

2008 – Dr. Bonnie Smith

2007 – Dr. S. Kathleen Salisbury

2006 – Dr. L. Ray Whalen

2005 – Dr. Peter S. MacWilliams

2004 – Dr. Holly S. Bender

2003 – Dr. S. Dru Forrester

2002 – Dr. Scott A. Brown

2001 – Dr. Steven A. Kincaid

2000 – Dr. Bradley G. Klein

1999 – Dr. Sharon Patton

1998 – Dr. Steven M. Parish

1997 – Dr. Mary M. Christopher

1996 – Dr. Stephen A. Hines,

1995 – Dr. Kent Ames

1994 – Dr. Michael D. Willard

1993 – Dr. Roger J. Panciera

1992 – Dr. Raymond W. Sweeney

1991 – Dr. David Tyler

The Senator John Melcher, DVM Leadership in Public Policy Award

The Board of Directors established the Senator John Melcher, DVM Leadership in Public Policy Award in 2007. The award is presented in recognition of leadership in public policy for advancing veterinary medical education.

Past recipients of the AAVMC Senator John Melcher, DVM Leadership in Public Policy Award

2014 – Dr. John Hermann

2013 – Dr. William Hueston

2012 – Dr. Lonnie King, The Ohio State University

2011 – Dr. John U. Thomson, Iowa State University

2010 – Dr. Lawrence H. Heider, formerly The Ohio State University and University of Prince Edward Island, and former Executive Director, AAVMC

2009 – Dr. Bennie Osburn, University of California, Davis

2008 – Dr. Leon Russell, Texas A&M University

2007 – Senator John Melcher, DVM ( inaugural recipient)

Iverson Bell Award

The Iverson Bell Award is presented in alternating years in memory and recognition of Dr. Iverson Bell's outstanding leadership and contributions in the promotion of diversity in veterinary medical education.

Past recipients of the Iverson Bell Award

2013 – Dr. Ronnie Elmore

2011 – Dr. Willie M. Reed

2009 – Dr. Tracy Hanner

2007 – Dr. Halcyon O. Watkins

2005 – Dr. James Coffman

2003 – Dr. Alfonza Atkinson

2001 – Dr. Louis Archbold

1999 – Dr. Eugene Adams

1997 – Dr. Sylvia Graham

1995 – Dr. Albert Dade

1993 – Dr. Walter Bowie

1991 – Ms. Patricia M. Lowrie

1989 – Dr. Billy Hooper

Recognition Lecture

The Recognition Lecture is an annual honor established in January 1990 by the Board of Directors to recognize an individual whose leadership and vision has made a significant contribution to academic veterinary medicine and the veterinary profession. 

Past recipients of the Recognition Lecture Award:

2014 – Dr. Joe Kornegay

2013 – Dr. James Coffman

2012 – Dr. Malcom Getz

2011 – Dr. Peter Eyre

2010 – Ms. Patricia M. Lowrie

2009 – Dr. Keith Prasse

2008 – Dr. J.T. Vaughn

2007 – Dr. John Shadduck

2006 – Dr. Richard Dierks

2005 – Dr. W. R. Pritchard

2004 – Dr. N. Ole Nielsen

2003 – Dr. Bill Jenkins

2002 – Dr. Lester M. Crawford

AAVMC Communications Excellence Award

Effective communication programs play a critical role in the success of all organizations. This is especially important in academic veterinary medicine, where economic issues facing higher education and the profession of veterinary medicine require informed and engaged stakeholders. This award, established in 2013, seeks to recognize communication excellence at AAVMC member Institutions and participation with AAVMC national communication programs.

              2014 - Ashley Berke (inaugural recipient)

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