Data Committee

Data Committee

The charge to the Data Committee is:
  • To provide review of annual data collection processes and forms used to obtain data.
  • To monitor distribution of data requests, collection of data, manner in which data is presented, and distributed.
The committee shall be an Advisory Committee to the AAVMC Board of Directors.

The membership of the committee shall be composed of two to four deans of U.S. schools or colleges of veterinary medicine, two to four financial or business officers at a school or college of veterinary medicine, one professional staff member with responsibilities related to institutional research and at least one associate dean for academic affairs at a school or college of veterinary medicine.

The President of the AAVMC selects the committee membership.  The at-large director representing U.S. colleges on the Board of Directors serves as the committee chair, and the at-large director representing Canadian colleges serves as a committee member.  The term of office for committee members shall be three years, and committee members are eligible for reappointment once to a maximum of two terms.

2017-2018 Committee Roster

Dr.  Susan Tornquist, Chair
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Oregon State University

Dr. Michel Carrier
Dean, Faculty of  Veterinary Medicine
Universite de Montreal

Dr. Tim Ogilvie
Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine
St. George's University

Dr. Carla Gartrell
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Midwestern University
Dr.  Bryan Slinker
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Washington State University

Dr. Susan Heath
Assistant Director of Financial Services, Accounting Service
College of Veterinary Medicine
Mississippi State University 

Dr.  Lorin Warnick
Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Cornell University

Mr. Ray Eddie Francis
     Campus Administrator
School of Veterinary Medicine
Ross University

Dr. Ewan Cameron
Dean, School of Veterinary Medicine
University of Glasgow

Ms. Jamie Fouty
Program Effectiveness Coordinator
College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University
Dr.  Lisa Greenhill
Senior Director for Institutional Research and Diversity
AAVMC,  Staff Liaison
Mrs. Kendall Young
Data Analyst
AAVMC,  Staff Member
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